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Indian Council of Acupressure yoga conducts certificate and Diploma courses to prepare the personal to assist the Acupressure Yoga and Naturopathy. These courses are aims to the development of over all personality of the candidates. There is extensive scope for the practitioners of Acupressure Yoga and Naturopathy both in Govt. and Private sectors of India and abroad. There is wide demand for lecturers as well as practitioners in this field. Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday morning in council. Study centres. Courses are conducted in two sessions ie. in June & December. Students employees Retired persons and House wife are welcome, our centres are in many states.

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Course Name

Admission Qualification

Council Fee Per Semester


Life Time

Acupress Therapist / Dr. of any systam/ intresded person



Acupressure Therapist Registration




Acupressure Shri Award

Experience Basis

Council Member Fee, Thrapist Registration Fee and Confernce Fee


Acupressure Ratan Award

Experience Basis

Council Member Fee, Thrapist Registration Fee and Confernce Fee



1.      Attach the following documents :-

(a) 2 Passport Size attested Photo (b) Xerox copies of certificates (c) Crossed Demand

Draft in favor of Indian Council of Acupressure Yoga.

or Deposit in Bank Account Bank Name : Bank Of India A/C No : 469010100000625

2.      Two days Practical Training of the above Courses are Conducted by council all over is our Director’s camp programme and two days special Practical Training Programme in Guidance of Dr. Shree Prakash Baranwal. Time to time in different places write details for camps. Office Secretary-Indian Council of
Accepressure Yoga, Nechua Jalalpur (Gopalganj) Bihar-841503

3.         Certificate will be awarded by Indian Council of Acupressure

Yoga/Budha Acupressure Yoga Naturopathy Vidya Pith after successful Traning. Ph.D issuse by o.l.u.c.m (Colombo)

4.           Centre fee/Books instruments Fee will be charged extra.

5.          Successful & trained person of its Council & Vidya Pith can Practise and profess the Acupressure Yoga & Naturopathy systems in India and Aboard.

6.           Branches all over India & aboard.

7.           Course start From 1st day of every Month

8.         Council Examination first Sunday of every June and December of every year in Affiliated center in India




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